Kulturvan, Culture Unlimited

The power of arts to transform pain into pride


We believe in the power of arts to transform pain into pride.


Our mission is to revive the culture and knowledge of post-conflict areas in the Middle East, by focusing on music, cinema, and art. We do this by building a community for creators  and by creating an audience for their work inside and outside the Middle East.

Our core values

-          We are creators. We work to revive the artistic tradition of this region. Culture is our soul. Music and cinema are our core.

-          We lead by example. If for instance we host a training on women’s rights, it is because we believe in women’s rights and this is also reflected in the staff of Kulturvan.

-          Kulturvan is a home for everyone: for musicians, film makers and creators living in post-conflict areas. A place where people of all religions and orientations can thrive.

-          We are connected: Kulturvan is built on dialogue. We are dedicated to building bridges between post-conflict areas and abroad.

We are professionals: We strive to constantly raise the level of artistic creation.