May 14 Crossing the borders:

A musicale livestream from Kulturvan with  Het Verhalenhuis Belvédére  in the Netherlands.

June 10-12- Opening Kulturvan:

A 3-day festival with live music, a showing of films and a day of literature.

June 13-20- Music teaching sign up:

Kulturvan opens its doors for the people of Amuda and invites them to enjoy two evenings of live music. Different musicians steal the show – including the Kulturvan Band and our five music teachers. There will also be information about the music lessons and people can sign up to start playing an instrument the next week. Start of music lessons for children and adultst. We start with musical lessons focusing on the old musical traditions of the region. We have five teachers: for voice, violin, cello, percussion and wind instruments. Students receive two classes a week (max 7 students per class). They will each be teaching a weekly class for children (35) and for adults (35). We aim to include ten per cent of students from poor families in the program free of charge. There is no end term for this project.

July 1- Start of Cinema:

We start with weekly showing of documentaries and films to children and youth. The cinema of Amuda burned down in November 1960, killing more than 200 children inside. There hasn’t been any cinema since. Kulturvan will provide regular showings, connecting a diverse public to a window on the world. We aim to have two showings a week for children (120 children in total) and two for youth (120). These showings will take place continuously.

July 14- Start of painting and drawing classes:

We will start lessons in painting and drawing in our centre, specifically aimed at women. We want to provide a free space, an opportunity for women to withdraw from their daily stress and worries. Two experienced teachers will be

August 1- Start training in handicrafts for IDP women:

- 100+ women will receive an intense 2-month training in making traditional carpets (kilim), bags and other knit wear. At the end, they will be able to start their own livelihood. This project is specifically aimed at IDPs. There are few jobs here, making it hard for IDPs to find work and restart their lives. Four teachers will each start a group of max 7 students. We will start a new group four times. This activity is free to attend and aims to reach 112 IDP women.

- 50 women will be given the chance to learn to make makdous: a healthy food that can be stored for the whole year – and sold at the market. This program is free to attend and aims to provide a livelihood to IDP women.

Augst 15- Start Media training on radio:

We launch our first journalism training with the renowned Iraqi Kurdish media trainer and journalist, and Kulturvans supporter of the first hour, Hiwa Osman. This first training for some 20 students will focus on radio journalism and train the team that will make Radio Kulturvan.

10-12 September- Storytelling Festival:

In collaboration with local storytellers like for example Saleh Heido, we organize three days of storytelling for children and for adults. We also want to document stories through images, radio and writing. We are doing this to preserve the spoken story’s legacy in North Eastern Syria.

October 2021 Kulturvan Band on tour

Tour with bands. The Kulturvan band is giving some 12 musicians a chance to play on a professional level. The Kulturvan Band will play in different cities and invite bands from six different cities to come and play at Kulturvan. The audience gets a chance to get acquainted with the different musical traditions of the region. This musical exchange will take place over the course of 3 months. This activity is specifically aimed at youth.

October 2021 Start of Kulturvan Lecture program

We start our lecture program. The lectures are aimed at creating critical citizens. There will be a lecture on civil journalism and how to report on social media for instance. But also on evolution theory and the latest scientific insights. Lectures are aimed at a general audience and take place once every 2 weeks.

October 2021Amuda Film Festival

Amuda has a long history with cinema. The Amuda cinema burnt down on November 13, 1960, killing at least 200 children rapped inside. This tragedy left a big scare on all families of Amuda. It also left a big scar on the creative field of Amuda. We want to bring the relationship between the people of Amuda and cinema back to what it was before the fire on November 13, 1960. Kulturvan will start working on this topic via a specific long term program which is going to have the kick-off via a press conference and activities in November 2021.

October 2021 Launch of radio station Radio Kulturvan

We aim to start our own radio station, focusing on culture. Kulturvan Radio broadcasts on the ether and online so that it can also reach those living outside of the country. The radio will host programs on music, culture and art. It will also broadcast lectures, musical sessions and other programs that are taking place in Kulturvan. The radio station gives space to local youth to do an internship and learn how to make radio. Radio Kulturvan will give jobs to some 25 people. There is no end term for this project.